Technical Acceptance of CtP Production Lines


A basic part of our service offers are technical acceptance tests for all equipment used in the graphic arts industry, e. g. CtP plate setters and plate processing units, printing presses and of course post-press equipment of all kind. The main focus of the acceptance test is the product. The processes and products are evaluated with objective metrological analyses with representative samples.
Of course we can offer also customised evaluations, e. g. for presses with carton ability and UV curing. We consult and support you in preparation of the testing and controlling procedure as well as the tolerances to be used during the acceptance.

A technical acceptance tests assures confidence and certainty of the client in the purchased system. The supplier can verify its excellent quality.

Base of the Technical Acceptance Test

The acceptance test is carried out according to the generally accepted rules of the bvdm (The German Printing and Media Industries Federation).

Procedure for the Technical Acceptance Test of CtP Lines

The test of the CtP line and the peripheral devices consists of the exposure and the processing of test printing formes on site and the metrological evaluation of these formes at the SID.
The test printing formes are supplied by the SID as a PDF. The formes are independent on the workflow.

The evaluation includes the check of uniformity, exactness and reproducibility of the exposure as well as the correct alignment of the processing system. For the preparation the SID needs one week in advance of the test. The test itself lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours.
During the work the client has to supply skilled operators for necessary adjustments at the RIP and/or the CtP system.

Evaluation of the Technical Acceptance Test

The processes and products are evaluated with objective metrological analyses with representative samples (plates, printed sheets, book blocks) taken by the SID personnel. It will be checked if the technical parameters are within the tolerances given by the standards. The client will get a detailed report about the results of the evaluations.

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Technical Acceptance of CtP production lines

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