The Sächsische Institut für die Druckindustrie (SID) in Leipzig has a technology transfer centre print media and an Accredited Testing Laboratory for print quality. With the knowledge and the experience of our specialists, we are able to support you with consultancy and knowledge transfer services.

Based on media standards, we provide you with tips on the required data quality and suitable measuring instruments. We advise you on everything from data handling and standardised production to the correct use of technologies such as a CtP system.

Measurement and Control Devices for Prepress and Press

In order to guarantee quality assurance from data creation to the finished printed product, our prepress department develops suitable measuring and control devices as well as complete test printing forms according to your requirements.

In addition to the standard registration marks and print control strips, there is a whole range of other special test elements. This allows the quality of various output systems (platesetters, printing systems and finishing units) to be assessed.

Error patterns and printing problems can be more easily identified with these tools.


Implementation of the Process Standard Offset Printing (PSO)

Today, digital prepress is a prerequisite for high-quality and seamless production. Standardised data preparation is an important step in the production process, which demands increasingly shorter reaction times in the manufacturing of printed products.

Our prepress department helps you to implement standardised processes and prepares the way for PSO certification.


  • Analysis of the prerequisites in the printing company (screen calibration, viewing booth, measurement technology)
  • Implementation of ICC colour management for input and output systems
  • Quality control trough metrological control processes for the proof printout


Testing and Evaluation of CtP Output Systems

Within the scope of our technical machine acceptance tests, we offer the technical acceptance test of CtP systems according to the "Guidelines for the Acceptance of CtP Systems" issued by the bvdm in addition to the acceptance test of printing presses and finishing machines.


Creation of ICC Profiles for Output Devices (Proofing Systems)

If your output device is a professional device, it can typically be calibrated. We offer profiling services for calibratable output devices.

For this purpose, we use the industry-standard ECI test chart and have the desired profile be calculated by the proofing software. The proof is then adapted to the colour space of the planned printing condition. This colour space adjustment can also be created for digital printing. 

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