FSC or PEFC Certification

FSC® or PEFCTM Certification




Please contact us if a FSC® or a PEFCTM certification is of interest to you. During a visit to your company, we can talk in detail about these plans. We can discuss what has already been done and explain further steps.


How do we cooperate with you?

  • Together we merge your company's special concerns with the abstract standard specifications.
  • We develop your documentation in a consolidated and well-arranged structure.
  • We provide you with suggestions on how to implement these measures in your company.
  • We train your employees and prepare them for the management system.
  • We carry out the internal audit and ensure that you are ready for certification.

We lighten your load and show you how it’s done.

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Preparation for FSC® or PEFCTM Certification

Your contact partner:

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Titus Tauro
Tel: +49 341 25942-45