Our Mission

Research. Development. Consulting.

Services for the Printing Industry.

We are an independent, non-profit research institute. Industry-oriented, application-focused research and development are at the heart of our activities.

The Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie (SID) is a

  • research and development partner for the graphic arts industry and its associated machinery manufacturing sector,
  • promoter and supporter of the graphic arts and manufacturing industries and
  • competence centre for the transfer of technology within the industry.

Whether it be in manufacturing and processing technology or mechanical engineering for the graphic arts industry, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative, groundbreaking solutions in all areas.

We focus our activities towards:

  • The improvement of material properties and applications
  • The development and optimisation of technologies, processes and products
  • The consideration of environmental and health issues
  • The increase in resource and energy efficiency.

SID researches and develops.

Solutions for Machine Manufacturing, Prepress, Printing and Postpress.

Our research activities comprise

  • the solution to problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises
  • market-preparing industrial research assisted by Federal and State Ministries
  • the development of special machine assemblies as well as measuring and testing devices
  • the participation in industrial joint research projects.

We work in an interdisciplinary atmosphere and operate in a market- and results-oriented manner. We efficiently use the resources available to us for research and development in a way that is beneficial to the industry. Our partners value the expertise and reliability of our employees.

The Institute – Printing Research with Expertise.

We apply our knowledge and experience across all industries in order to be able to react flexibly to future issues. The foundation for this is our dedicated employees, our modern technical equipment, a wide range of completed project topics and the cooperation with renowned project partners. After all, if you want to celebrate success in research, you have to be present in universities, research committees and trade associations. This is the only way to bring together what belongs together: Partners who jointly set the course for the future of the industry. SID takes this mission very seriously. That is why we work closely with both large machine manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises as well as reputable institutions and business networks.

Our employees are involved in teaching and training at colleges and universities. We regularly work with students during their required internships and in preparation for their Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's theses. We pass on our know-how in training seminars and technical lectures and present our work, research, services and products at symposiums, conferences and trade fairs.

SID welcomes and respects individual and cultural differences and is committed to creating an inclusive, accommodating, and equitable environment.

We fundamentally reject discrimination of any kind.

The POLYGRAPH Leipzig e.V. association is the sole proprietor of the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie GmbH (SID).